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All About Our Heron Group Names

Did you know that each of our Herons Day Camp groups is named after a real kind of heron?

Living all over the world, there are large variety of heron species. Our camp groups are named primarily for herons living in North and South America. Learn a little about each kind of heron below!

lava heron.jpg

Lava Herons

Lava Herons are a small species of heron from the Galapagos Islands. Adults are a slate-gray to black color, which allows them to blend in with the hardened lava.

green heron.jpg

Green Herons

Green herons can be found in the North and Central American regions. Green herons are relatively small. They get their name from their green back feathers.

agami heron.jpg

Agami Herons

A medium-sized heron, the Agami can be found in Central America and parts of South America. Despite their many colored feathers, they are rarely seen in nature.

blue heron.jpg

Blue Herons

The Great Blue Heron can be seen all around the United States and Central America. It is the largest heron species native to North America. They live close to bodies of water.

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