Rising 4th-6th Graders

Session Dates

STEAM Camp runs all eight weeks of camp!

Program Hours


Program Cost

($220 Session 3)

Become an architect, superhero, engineer, spy, and more as you explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Campers will have hands-on, experiential, and creative learning opportunities outside of traditional curriculum or textbooks. Campers will engage in various activities that will help them wear the shoes of scientists, technologists, engineers, artists, and mathematicians in various fields.

As campers explore the theme, they will have opportunities to explore using everything from Minecraft to moviemaking to robotics and more. A typical day of STEAM Camp includes a balance of tech-time, outdoor play, and creative time in MakerSpace.

STEAM Camp will participate in our Tuesday and Thursday water fun!

STEAM Camp 2021 Themes

Session 6 (July 26-30): Mythbusters

The truth is out there and campers are about to be challenged to learn the truth. Each day, campers will be faced with a new question to research, explore, experiment, and solve. Just like the Mythbusters on TV, we want to know if those viral videos are so real or so fake. Join us as we find out!

Session 1 (June 21-25): Jedi Academy

Is the Force strong with you? Find out during our first ever Jedi Academy camp! We'll explore the science and fiction behind Star Wars while also testing our own Jedi abilities with fun challenges and games. So grab your lightsaber and get ready to use the Force!

Session 3 (July 6-9): Time Travel

Get ready complete STEAM challenges through time. Discover architecture principles, mysteries, and more from acient times to the present. It's going to be an adventure like no other!

Session 7 (August 2-6): Robotics

Get ready to work together to build and code a LEGO robot! We'll complete several LEGO robotics challenges during this fun week of camp. Campers will also explore coding and robotics using Spheros, Ozobots, and other tools.

Session 5 (July 19-23): Under the Sea

Get ready to dive under the sea and explore submarines and other water-related STEAM challenges during this fun week of camp. We'll discover if life is "better down where it's wetter" and so much more. Get ready to get wet during this splash-tastic week of camp!

Session 8 (August 9-13): Herons Wizarding World

Explore the wizarding world right here at Saint Andrew's! We'll have potions class, play quidditch, cast spells, and more. Open to all junior wizards, witches, and muggles! (Knowledge of the Harry Potter world is helpful, but not required to enjoy all of the fun this week will bring.)

Session 4 (July 12-16): Brain Games & Camp Break Out

The human brain is capable of so many things. During this week of camp, we will test some of the capabilities of the mind. Lots of brainteasers, mind puzzles, and challenges to come! Escape rooms are a wonderful challenge, filled with problem solving tasks, obstacles, and opportunities for collaboration and teamwork. Join us for Camp Break Out as we work together to complete various games and challenges.

Session 2 (June 28-July 2): Movie Making

Get ready to write, direct, and star in your own movie! Campers will work in small teams to create the next big Hollywood blockbuster. We will also make props and backdrops, and explore using the greenscreen to add some special effects. Don't miss the return of this fun theme!