Summer Scholars

Rising 5th-8th Graders

Session Dates

Summer Scholars runs sessions 7 and 8.

Program Hours

8:30am-12:30pm (half-day)

Program Cost

$165/week (half-day)

Summer Scholars is a half-day program designed for Middle School students to continue practicing skills for success during school. Students will discover study tips for language arts, math and test taking. Students will also get organized and develop time-management skills. 

Scholars do not participate in our water days.

Summer Scholars 2021 Themes

Session 8 (August 9-13): High School Placement Test Prep & Study Skills

Scholars will spend time each day refining their study skills and test taking habits as they prepare for the high school placement test. Each day, students will work on building the skills and habits needed for success when they take the HSPT in the Fall.

Session 7 (August 2-6): Writing

In this morning program, students will review the basic aspects of writing and communication. Going through the steps of the writing process, from brainstorming to publishing, students will craft effective sentences and well-structured paragraphs, sharpening their core grammar, mechanics, and usage skills.

Session 6 (July 26-30): Math

During this half-day program, students will dive deep into their bank of math strategies as they practice and problem solve. Students will review important concepts and build upon the skills learned this past year for continued success next year. This program is open to all rising middle school students. Daily content will be differentiated to meet the academic level of each participant. Small-group activities may be incorporated to further extend understanding.